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Key Data Profiles

How has Talent Development Secondary helped schools achieve success? In many ways, Talent Development supports improvements in engagement, achievement, and advancement of students. Click here to download our full data brief.


Students and adults in Talent Development schools consistently report that their schools are safer, calmer, and more respectful learning environments as a result of Talent Development reforms. Reorganizing the schools into a number of self-contained small learning communities or academies helps teachers learn each of their students’ names, keep the hallways clear and form stronger bonds with students and other teachers.Interdisciplinary teacher teaming further reinforces the physical organization through common planning time during which teachers develop integrated lesson plans and share information about the performance of their students in different disciplines. As a result, teachers and students have better relationships and teachers engage in more teamwork and collaboration, creating a more caring, trusting and effective school environment. Students respond to this kind of environment with higher attendance, better discipline, and higher levels of academic engagement.

Click here to learn more about improvements in Student Engagement.


The No Child Left Behind Act requires schools to measure student achievement and demonstrate Adequate Yearly Progress. Schools implementing TDS reforms experience increases in the percentage of students scoring “proficient” on standardized assessments.

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Students who experience academic success early are far more likely to be promoted and earn diplomas. Research shows that students who are promoted to tenth grade on time are 3.5 times more likely to graduate than their peers who are held back. More than 80 percent of students who pass ninth grade graduate from high school; only 15 to 20 percent of ninth-grade repeaters graduate.

Click here to learn more about improvements in Student Advancement.