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Professional Learning and Support

How We Layer Support for School Staff

Talent Development Secondary  (TDS) designs support packages for schools to help them implement and improve evidence based practices.

Support packages are built around the TDS four pillar framework designed to cover the breadth of work needed for comprehensive improvement efforts. Packages are created based on school based needs and components currently being implemented.

When fully implemented, the TDS approach provides layers of support for teachers and other school staff through on-site and visiting staff.

TDS Staff

TDS has teams of staff members with expertise in a wide range of topics and practices who will provide support.

  • School Transformation Facilitator (STF): The STF is an on-site staff member hired by TDS or designated by the school.  This staff member guides on-site implementation and helps the team analyze, use, and act on Attendance, Behavior, and Course Performance data.
  • Instructional Facilitators (IF): Math, English Language Arts, and School and Student Support Services (S4): Three divisions provide Technical Assistance support in one of three areas of expertise.
  • Executive Director/Regional Director: A Field Manager or Regional Director will be assigned to each partner school to manage implementation and the contract for the school.
  • National Staff: TDS national staff have expertise in school turnaround and improvement, instructional and organizational practices, and evidence based practices.
What is Technical Assistance?

At Talent Development Secondary, the term Technical Assistance refers to wide range of professional services provided by our staff to support the implementation of our research-based, comprehensive reform model.

These services may include formal training sessions, one to one coaching sessions, meeting facilitation, and presentation or planning sessions.

Instructional Coaches

Instructional coaches are a key component of the layers of teacher support within the TDS model.  Coaches work closely with TDS facilitators and provide on-going daily job-embedded support to teachers.

Language Arts

The English Language Arts (ELA) Instructional Coach is focused on ensuring implementation of the TD reading and writing programs, assisting all staff members with literacy issues in the classroom, and developing literacy skills across content areas.  They may also work on other projects impacting teaching and learning as identified.


The Mathematics Instructional Coach is focused on ensuring implementation of the TD math program, and assisting all staff members with math issues in the classroom.  They may also work on other projects impacting teaching and learning as identified.

Conferences and Opportunities

TDS offers:

  • Annual and biennial conferences as extended professional learning experiences for TDS current and future school partners
  • An annual Coaches’ Institute where staff train existing and newly hired coaches in a model used to support reflective practices among staff working at Diplomas Now/TDS schools
  • Holds a national conference, often in coordination with the Diplomas Now Summer Institute

The national conference appeals to a broader educational audience interested in the components of the DN/TDS model, school transformation, and other related topics, such as current research and national trends in school transformation.

In addition to these regular events, TDS has organizes and presents at conferences across the country.  Most recently, conferences focused specifically on the implementation of Early Warning Systems.