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Pillar IV: Can-Do Culture and Climate

Create a productive, consistent, and supportive school environment that provides clear pathways to school success and college and career readiness in a manner that is comprehensible to students,  builds on their interests, develops their strengths and ignites their passions and establishes and enables a Can do Culture among the school staff.

Creating a can-do climate for both students and staff starts with a school-wide culture of success, usually beginning with a collaboratively created vision of that school climate, developed by staff with critical input from students.

A climate of success is often driven by highly engaging learning experiences that provide students the content and support they need without being insulting, and the connections they often require to the real world to make the lessons meaningful. Click here to learn more about engaging curricula at Talent Development Secondary Schools.

Positive school climate approaches build on staff and student assets and tap those assets to contribute to school-wide improvement initiatives.  Invariably in can-do climates, we see formal vehicles for student and teacher voices as well as clearly communicated initiatives to recognize student progress and teacher accomplishments. Appreciating assets and successes and acknowledging the ideas and voices of students and staff create a community ownership of the culture and future of a school’s path to success. Click here to learn more about the successes Talent Development Schools have enjoyed in school climate and culture.