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Math Acceleration Lab

CATAMA Course Information      Teacher Testimonials      Purchase Materials

101_0104Computer and Team Assisted Math Acceleration (CATAMA) is an innovative mathematics course that combines computer-assisted instruction, cooperative learning, and team tutorial assistance to increase students mathematical procedural fluency, conceptual understanding, and language development.

CATAMA combines a skilled and effective teacher who can provide a wide range of help to diverse students 101_0109with the use of computers and peer collaboration which enable students to work at their own level, exercise some control over their learning, receive immediate feedback, and engage in mathematical discourse. Selected students receive this extra support of instruction during the elective track of a middle grades schedule.


Schools which seek to offer all students a standards-driven mathematics curriculum that prepares them for college can provide CATAMA as an extra-help program for students whose procedural knowledge and skills need improvement to match local and national norms.

Course Information

CATAMA can be offered on a quarterly, trimester, or semester basis in a parallel period to the assigned mathematics course. CATAMA’s flexibility allows it to function in a traditional six- or seven-period-day schedule as well as a 4×4 block schedule.

CATAMA Course Overview   (pdf)


Teacher Testimonials

“I can honestly say that it has been the best week of teaching I have had in my 4 years here [Beeber Middle School]. Almost all of the students absolutely love it. They are so into it. They run in my room and don’t want to leave. I see them working together and high-fiving when they are right. 

They ask me questions and actually listen to my explanation because they want to get it right on the first try. I even heard one boy scream at another boy to slow down because he likes reading the explanations on the screen, so he can make sure he understands the concept to do well on the post-quiz. They get excited to run in the morning to see who the leaders are. I get a chance to work with all of the kids and really help them learn new things. Even my “problem” students are into it because they love the competition and the computer work. They like keeping the log sheets and it also helps me keep track of all their work and materials.

Today, I taught them an order of operations lesson and finished with showing them the PEMDAS War game which they played and they loved it too. Every class had so much fun. In each class, I gave a reward to the TTM highest scoring team in the class and posted their names. I really think we are onto something here to help these kids stay engaged, learn, and have fun. All I can say is so far so good and I only hope it continues like this throughout the year.”

Ms. Newman
Beeber Middle School


Purchasing Materials

Material pricing and ordering information for all teacher and student materials is available online. If you have purchased materials from Talent Development Secondary in the past and have a user name and password, simply visit our Online Storefront and login. If you have not purchased materials before, please set up a Storefront Membership.