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Webinar Series: Keeping Students On-Track During COVID-19: Who Needs What Help, and When?

Webinar Series: Keeping Students On-Track During COVID-19:  Who Needs What Help, and When?

Keeping Students On-Track During COVID-19:  Who Needs What Help, and When? And, How Can Schools Organize their Resources to Meet Student Needs? A Webinar Series for You


Join us for the next presentation of a 4-part webinar series on practical steps schools can take based on 15 years of research and experience working with schools and districts to implement Early Warning Indicator and Response Systems.


Next Webinar in the series – January 21, 2021

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Our next webinar in this series, Getting Students Back on Track Post-Pandemic: Options to Accelerate Learning will be held on Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 12:00pm ET.

The failure rate in many schools nationwide has significantly increased during the first two quarters compared to past years. While educators are working to mitigate these failures, we can anticipate higher than normal failure rates. This webinar will explore several ideas to accelerate learning and get students back on track during SY2122.

Registration is OPEN!


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Covered in the December 2 webinar: 

“Advancing ALL Students: Integrating Social Emotional Development and Early Warning Systems” 

Our featured speaker, Sonia Urban, LCSW, who serves as a MTSS Facilitator in Colorado Springs District 11, shared how this district approaches and supports this work.

Covered in the October 22 webinar: 

Early Warning Systems (EWS) and Multi-tiered Support Systems (MTSS) have been focused on Attendance, Behavior and Course Performance research based indicators to keep students on track for on time graduation. Many educational organizations are working to develop comparable indicators and milestones to ensure all students are prepared to transition and successfully persist in any post-secondary option of their choice. This webinar will focus on what organizations are learning about additional indicators and milestones to monitor, respond and track post-secondary readiness experiences.

Featured Speakers include:

Doug Elmer, Vice President at PREP-KC, who will be sharing PREP-KC’s work on Market Value Assets and associated leading indicators that they are working with in the Kansas City area.

Sarah Walsh, Program Manager, Education with IBM Corporate Social Responsibility and Micah Green, Outreach Coordinator- Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement, Baton Rouge Community College

Information about the P-Tech model and the indicators used to monitor and support student progress towards post-secondary readiness will be shared.


Covered in September 23 webinar:

Preventing Disconnection:  Modifying Early Warning Systems/MTSS and On-Track Systems to support student attendance and engagement in the COVID 19 context

This webinar will explore ideas and promising practices for monitoring and increasing student attendance and engagement in remote or hybrid learning environments.

Featured Speaker: Dr. Robert Balfanz

Insight from the Field: Tara Madden and Felicia Walker, Talent Development Secondary

Host: Talent Development Secondary at the Tides Center


Funded as part of the Finish The Job project by AT&T Aspire Foundation