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FS Materials

Freshman Seminar offers great flexibility in teaching options.






Block Schedules

All seven Freshman Seminar lessons are taught during the first semester.





Seven-period Day Schedule

Freshman Seminar lessons are taught during one period throughout the freshman year.







Other Scheduling Options

While originally designed with material for a full, stand-alone course, Freshman Seminar can now be used more easily within another course, taught in an advisory capacity, and as a Summer bridge course.






Great flexibility with materials.




Freshman Seminar offers in-depth teaching materials. Embedded in each teacher’s manual is an examination of the various lesson components, assessments, creating rubrics, instructional strategies, and adapting the course for students with special needs. Each lesson outlines for teachers objectives, materials, instructional strategies & assessment opportunities, and making connections with other courses.

Whole Course

  • Complete set of all seven Freshman Seminar Teacher’s Manuals
  • Student Readers containing all the student readers for all seven units
  • Student Workbooks containing all the student workbook activities for all seven units

By the Unit

  • Teacher’s Manuals available by individual units
    • Unit 1: Orientation
    • Unit 2: Study Skills
    • Unit 3: Careers
    • Unit 4: Post-Secondary Decisions
    • Unit 5: Human Relations
    • Unit 6: Technology
    • Unit 7: Portfolio
  • Student Workbooks available by individual units
    • Contains individual unit’s student reader and workbook activities

Purchasing Materials

Information, pricing, and ordering of all teacher and student materials is available online. If you have purchased materials from Talent Development Secondary in the past, visit our Storefront Portal and enter your user information. If you have not purchased materials before, please set up a Storefront Membership.

Talent Development Secondary also offers a companion course for middle-grade students, Mastering the Middle Grades, a modular course embedded within a three-year curriculum. The teacher-friendly curriculum can be expanded or contracted to fit almost any school schedule.

For more information about Freshman Seminar, visit our online course description page which contains course information, downloads, and sample lessons.